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Many prints were done in bold, bright colors but many were also in black and white; all were copyrighted.

The scarves were actually printed in Japan but Vera left nothing to chance, making a sample of each scarf in the New York factory and then sending it on to the factory in Japan along with the specific dye formulas.

As many as 600 unique designs were developed per year by the team, many of which were printed in the factory right below them.

Geometrics designs, specifically dots, were extremely popular; as were the bold floral prints.

Meyer Salaff was an amateur musician who encouraged his children to likewise follow creative endeavors, whatever made them happy.

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My Mom tells me that she and my Nana used to “wait with baited breath” to see what Vera’s next new designs would be.I’ve since inherited several Vera scarves (several, featured in the collage above), sheets and towels that I now treasure, too.Be it her playful use of color, abstractions of nature or bold patterns and shapes, there is just something special about Vera’s work…In 2013 a new line of Vera licensed scarves was sold at Target stores.

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Vera scarves are often fairly easy to put a rough date on as there were some quite obvious changes to the signature and logo mark throughout the years.Vera Neumann, a visual artist turned textile designer, began designing textiles in 1946 after she and her husband, George Neumann founded Printex along with their partner Werner Hamm.