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20-Aug-2017 13:44

These screenings are done in order to ensure individual and unit readiness.

The DHA 4 and 5 are required by all Service members deploying for 30 days or more in support of any contingency operation.

The DHA 4 is designed to be completed between 181 days and 18 months (545 days) after return from deployment, and the DHA 5 between 18 months (546 days) and 30 months (910 days) after return from deployment.

The DHA 4 and 5 assessments are the final screenings of the 5 part DHA assessment cycle that includes the pre-deployment health assessment, post-deployment health assessment, and post-deployment health reassessment.

If you just don’t want the service or are unsure if you need the service, you should contact your Command’s IMR representative for guidance before refusing the service, as there may be repercussions with your command for doing so.

To protect your privacy information, please do not send any sensitive or confidential information to include your personally identifiable or protected health information as this is not a secure means of communication.

Individual vouchers must be submitted through AVS for USAR and ARNG.

All other branches should contact their command for further guidance on how to submit a voucher.

For USAR only, and only for an in-clinic appointment: you need to start the process on your AKO site.

In addition, RHRP offers an MHA and PDHRA call center (1-888-734-7299) which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. RHRP services are paid for by your Service Component.

If you have specific questions about costs or charges, please contact your medical readiness coordinator.

RHRP will send (by Federal Express) a package of paperwork and/or supplies to you prior to your appointment.

Please review and complete all necessary paperwork before the scheduled appointment and bring all materials with you.

If you are getting your PHA at a group event, you should not complete the AKO portion of the PHA as this information will be obtained at the event. A Comprehensive Audio Evaluation (CAE) is more than just an audiogram and is used to determine the hearing portion of the PULHES when a possible loss of hearing has been identified.

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