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20-Nov-2017 09:47

To be able to manage mailbox audit logging you have to be a member of either one of these groups: Mailbox audit logging can track actions performed by 3 types of users: the mailbox owner, mailbox delegate, and administrator.By default, when you enable auditing, only selected actions by the administrator and delegate are logged.Additionally, we will adjust the log retention period and enable logging of 2 actions by the mailbox owner.Here is the full EMS command: When we now view the mailbox’s properties, we will see the changes introduced by the above command: From this moment on, as intended, log files will contain information on all actions listed in the above Power Shell output (included item moves and hard deletions performed by the mailbox owner) and will be retained for 60 days. The log files generated by the Mailbox audit mechanism may cause users’ mailboxes to grow very fast and take up a large portion of disk space.This setting can be adjusted using the -Audit Owner, -Audit Delegate, -Audit Admin parameters and specifying mailbox actions that should be logged.Mailbox audit logging allows you to track the following actions performed on users’ or shared mailboxes by the administrator, delegate or owner (actions names in square brackets):(underlined users have a given action tracked by default upon enabling auditing)As you can see the Mailbox audit mechanism offers a wide range of tracking options, which is more than enough to apply in a critical business scenario such as monitoring shared mailboxes.Numerous benefits in the "modern" experiences are called out in the referenced materials, but if you have specific customization requirements, you should be aware of the currently supported options for customizations.

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NOTE: Most of the below information also applies to auditing in Office 365 (for more details go to and Exchange 2016 (for more details go to

As you can see above, mailbox audit logging is disabled for this specific mailbox.