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That night, Damien surprises Elizabeth by showing up to her home in the middle of the night, and Elizabeth's hacked webcam records the couple having sex before the hacker sends the video to Elizabeth's graduate board.

Later, Elizabeth is prompted to chat with the stranger again; the stranger reveals that they witnessed Elizabeth having sex, and later their webcam turns on and reveals the account holder bound and gagged before being murdered by a masked man.

Below is an incomplete list of factors that may influence how you’ll experience being a sexual person (or choosing not to be sexual) on any given campus.

It’s a long list, and it raises a lot of questions.

I didn’t think there was anything to choose about a sexual culture. But it did matter, and in ways I wouldn’t have even predicted.

When I picked a small liberal arts school, with the emphasis on “liberal,” I had never even thought to question my heterosexuality.

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The stranger reacts aggressively to Jenni when Elizabeth is away from the webcam, and Jenni logs off.

By the time I graduated, I was in love with my second girlfriend.

I lucked out on that front, as I was on one of the most queer-friendly campuses I could have been on at the time.

For her graduate project in sociology, she proposes to chat with as many strangers as possible and calculate how many meaningful conversations she can accumulate.

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The graduate board reluctantly gives her a grant, with the help of Sally, one of her friends on the graduate board pushing for her approval.

Damien is abducted while chatting with Elizabeth, who has her back turned at the moment of his kidnapping and does not realize he is missing until she receives a bizarre call from his computer, showing his house completely empty.