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But my friends and rarely quoted those movies to one another when we were in our 20s and early 30s.

The big one for my college friends was The Last Emperor. Posters hung early in the morning, before the sun came up, feature an image of Streep next to Weinstein with a red strip across her face with the text “She knew,” an apparent reference to Weinstein’s alleged sexual abuse of women over the course of decades.

I joined one but some of the people seemed a bit creepy.

If you could recommend something I would appreciate it. SEE LINK below This will be the third remake since the 1937 film with March & Gaynor.

All disembodied parts and pieces, and a penis pic was conspicuously absent. We quickly covered all the bases: Poz, yes; Bottom, most assuredly; and with a small uncircumcised penis to boot.

He arrived at my door looking perhaps thirty pounds heavier than the pix, but overall seemed pretty much as promised.

I stood in my doorway naked, my right hand and forearm slathered in Crisco.

I dont know how to bring it up or if I should just forget it. The show is like a cross between Martha Stewart and Pee Wee's Playhouse. It's their 8th season, but never fear, they've received enough Botox, placental stem cells, penicillin, and injectable plastic molding over the last few months to hide any cracks that may have occurred since their last major lifts.

For some reason we thought this was the campiest thing we had ever seen. Last weekend I got pretty wasted and had a big fight with my parents.

We quoted it endlessly to one another: "Go on, Bigfoot, drink all the green ink! I was super depressed so when I got home I was out of it.

Our storage facilities range in sizes of 25 to 300 square feet with a height of ten feet...

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The Strokes, “” (2003) From a band big on snottiness and regret, here’s a veritable anthem of easygoing availability. The Cars, “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight” (1979) Like most Cars songs, what appears to be a promise of devotion is actually a lot nastier and more sadomasochistic. And the drum and guitar sound in this track makes nastiness sound pretty good. … continue reading »

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Just wanted to let you guys know that both Jay and myself are now off your mailing list.… continue reading »

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