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04-Nov-2017 01:24

In the early 70s, some Kenyans tried to stage a coup against the Kenyatta government and a Luo was said to have led the coup before he was arrested.

Under this circumstance, what is the burden of being a Luo?If you are a Luo, then you just love the dead too much.You have too many rituals for the dead for no apparent reason.As a Luo, you have to be prepared for accusations of being lazy especially on work related issues.

Even if you break your back daily to earn a living, you will still have to face the accusation of laziness and the justification is that because of this laziness, there is constant shortage of tapped water in Kisumu city despite the city being home to the largest fresh water lake in Africa, Lake Victoria.Since February 2008, this accusation has reduced somewhat because Raila Odinga, a Luo, has been the Prime Minister thereby “removing the Luos from the opposition”.