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30-Oct-2017 05:47

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Something called the ‘husband stitch’ sits somewhere between urban legend and reality – a practice where doctors would stitch up a woman’s vagina after tearing or an episiotomy during child birth.The extra stitch was supposed to make the entrance to a woman’s vagina tighter, making sex more pleasurable for the man and atoning for the woman’s selfish childbirth stretch.Obviously we were 16 so ‘a lot’ of sex was more than twice.Perhaps it was the popularity of the phrase ‘like sleeve of wizard’ from Borat, or maybe it was just another fun way to make women worry about their bodies.Either way, a lot of us grew up worrying about how slack our vaginas may or may not be.

This is something that we have already had multiple conversations about in our household.

The various debates around so-called “Marriage Amendments” prompted us to have talks with our daughters about what marriage is and how we as parents think about it.

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