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23-Sep-2017 18:13

Quotas allow access for a specified length of time or a specific bandwidth, calculated separately for each user. One way to do this is to configure a security policy using the identity-based policy feature.

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Users can notify the Forti Guard Web Filtering Service Points if they feel a web page is not categorized correctly, so that the service can update the categories in a timely fashion.You can apply quotas to categories and category groups.Only one quota per user can be active at any one time.Forti Guard Web Filtering is a managed web filtering solution available by subscription from Fortinet.

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Before you begin to use the Forti Guard Web Filtering options, verify that you have a valid subscription to the service for your Forti Gate firewall.

When Forti Guard Web Filtering is enabled in a web filter or a DNS filter profile, the setting is applied to all firewall policies that use this profile.