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Finally, you can add this malicious web site in your own block list as written up at I've been attacked at least once on many completely legitimate web sites, so I am convinced they all have problems at one time or another. If you try to turn on BLOCKING in Ghostery or Turn off Ad Block, this page, especially the buggy Live Fyre software, doesn't function properly.The criminals just get sneakier everyday - and web sites like CNET keep insisting on running hundreds of scripts, making using Ad Block Plus or No Scipt completely impractical - so this problem will continue on ad nauseam, I'm sure. Then you get white space on either side of the page that forces you to another site if your mouse pointer slips off the scroll bar.Tap that and follow the instructions it gives and this should resolve the issue.1."SC says: October 20, 2015 at pm Potential Thread Detected! YOUR i OS Device (i Phone or i Pad) May Have ADWARE / SPYWARE VIRUS. Apple writes more:"Clear information from your device To clear your history and cookies from Safari in i OS 8 or later, tap Settings Remove All Website Data. I'm away from my i Things so you can try this.browser started flickering and juddering while trying to just look at the links he had, to figure out what he was talking about. I am running Firefox (latest version) with Ghostery as well as Ad Block Plus.There are a few settings inside i OS that let you lock down your device so that a curious kid (or a naughty friend) can't poke around apps that contain sensitive data. Additionally, there are some settings that block adult content without restricting access to the entire device, which are useful for older kids who might deserve a little more freedom to surf and play.

They are generated by the ad companies (Google, in particular) and they just pick up an ad and shove it at you without any concern as to who created the ad or if it has a malicious payload.

Most of the time it's about 2/3 of the way down the list of options.

Tap on Safari and near the bottom of those options you will see the option to clear history and website data.

I guess I was naïve to think that i Pads weren't susceptible to malware.

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Here are the steps of what I recall happening before my browser was taken over and rendered useless with this screen telling me to call support to remove the spyware/adware (see attached).

This setting allows you to turn on the restrictions by triple-tapping the Home Button. Recommended Cases and Screen Protectors A good case and screen protector is invaluable not only when you let children handle your mobile devices—but always.