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06-Jul-2017 21:08

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard of the ice bucket challenge.

While it is most known as a way to help raise money for ALS, it has also proven to be a source of entertainment for many people and their friends.

Because it will definitely get messy, you should do this challenge outside.

Your driveway or backyard are good locations for the ice bucket challenge.

While these challenges might seem very silly, they can also be amusing and fun for the participants.

Many of the people who do these challenges do them with their friends or family members.

When it comes to a food-related challenge, the less appealing the food, the better the challenge.

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There are a wide variety of hot peppers to choose from.

You can try some of these challenges and if you manage to do all of them, you can even try to come up with your own creative challenges. While many challenges might be gross, it is best if they are not dangerous.

Because everyone is different, not everyone will handle the more extreme challenges in the same way.

Some of the most fun and entertaining challenges out there involve food.

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This might be because our sense of taste can be so hardtop ignore.And do not forget to take some photos or even a video of these challenges as you and your friends complete them.