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The volunteers wanted to know what was so special about the table cloths – they are just linen and that means ironing. That’s when I found out, if I had come in earlier I could have walked away with several more. (Personal note: If you have a linen tablecloth, linen table runner, or linen napkin set, don’t throw it out or take it to the local thrift shop. Most linen tablecloths that I’ve come across have a simple folded over and machine stitched hem.All three textiles were rose patterned jacquard weaves.Linen fibers, by definition, must be over 12 inches in length and traditional linen fiber was often 24 inches or longer.This is the quality that gave linen both its outstanding sheen, and its durability.However, the Chinese milling process is much different than the traditional process.In China the fiber is “cottonized” and chopped into shorter fibers, making it less expensive to process.In the 1990s, within the European Union, linen textiles were revived as a regional item, and were marketed to tourists, however, with the economic recessions in the 80s, 90s, 2000s and then 2008, the linen industry was faltering. It doesn’t hurt to let your extended family know that you value the family linen textiles and would be willing to preserve them on behalf of the family.

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On my back patio, I recently folded and used a shower curtain as a table runner.

On Tuesday, Sarah and I had a rare opportunity to browse the shops in downtown Grand Forks and we wandered into the Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop.

As I always do, I headed for the dry goods area and checked for tablecloths, table runners, and napkins.

If you read my post, here, my sister added tables together until she got enough seating for her party of 20.

What I learned years ago, and when you’re short of cash to spend on expensive tablecloths (which you may need 2-3 of for a large group), is to use bed sheets.

Often there is nothing there, but this time, I found treasure — three 100% linen tablecloths, ranging in price from to .