Dating romance eu

15-Jan-2018 00:14

So if smug Eurocrats were shaken by the outcome of the German election last month, with the surge in support for the Far Right Af D — another anti-immigration party — then the events of the weekend are a seismic development.

On top of Brexit, Catalonia's bid for independence, the growing discontent of Eastern European member states, and Greece's endless debt problems, Brussels now must contend with Austria's sudden transformation from model member to bad boy.

And it is precisely the youth of the next Austrian Chancellor which is a factor that bewilders Brussels.

At first sight, in his smart but casual suits with his slicked-back hair and usually accompanied by his attractive girlfriend, Susanne Thier — they've been together since he was 18 — Roman Catholic Kurz looks to be the very model of modern Eurocrat.“Britain’s maritime sector is in good shape and stands to be one of Britain’s leading success stories in the next decade,” he said.