Dating concert pianist

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No question about it." The pianist Marian Mc Partland described him as "the finest technician that I have seen." Outside of his friend Art Tatum, Peterson had the most prodigious piano technique in jazz.He made it sound so easy to play the complex note-perfect and lightning runs with which he turbo-charged the piano keyboard that a lot of people took him for granted.Oscar Emmanuel Peterson, pianist: born Montreal, Quebec 15 August 1925; married first Lillie Fraser (deceased; two sons, three daughters; marriage dissolved), second 1958 Sandra King (marriage dissolved 1976), third 1977 Charlotte Huber (one daughter; marriage dissolved), fourth Kelly Green (one daughter); died Mississauga, Ontario 24 December 2007 Following Oscar Peterson on stage at a concert in 1967, Duke Ellington remarked: "When I was a small boy my music teacher was Mrs Clinkscales.The first thing she ever said to me was, 'Edward, always remember, whatever you do, don't sit down at the piano after Oscar Peterson'."In 1953, Nat King Cole said to Peterson, "I'll make a deal with you, Oscar.In fact, the best way to define the elusive quality of "swing" might be to use a Peterson performance as an illustration.

"Oscar Peterson is head and shoulders above any pianist alive today," said another doyen of the instrument, Hank Jones, in the early 1990s. He is the crowning ruler of all the pianists in the jazz world."All the talk in the crowd was of a brilliant local pianist," said Williams, "and as we played, suddenly, between numbers, the packed audience in the dance hall parted like the Red Sea and this huge guy came up towards the bandstand.With some insight, I vacated that piano bench quick and he sat down. I had never heard anyone play like that." Peterson could overwhelm any style of jazz piano and he could swing harder than any other player.The less aware regarded him as facile and his formidable bustling runs as showing off.

In fact, he was riding an inspiration that seldom flagged to explore some of the more complex harmonic depths of the instrument. "Nearly everything he plays," said Davis, "he plays with the same degree of force.

His father taught music to all his five children, and Oscar began to learn piano and trumpet when he was five.

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