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The teens arrive on a beautiful planet they've only seen from space.

Confronting the dangers of this rugged new world, they struggle to form a tentative community.

Resources are scarce and all crimes no matter their nature or severity are punishable by death ("floating") unless the perpetrator is under 18 years of age.

After the Ark's life support systems are found to be critically failing, one hundred juvenile prisoners are declared "expendable" and sent to the surface in a last ditch attempt to determine if Earth is habitable again.

The East of England Co-op is set to start selling products beyond their best-before date to reduce food waste.

From next week shoppers at the independent retailer’s 125 East Anglian stores will be able to buy food past its best-before date, which relates to quality rather than safety, for only 10p.

The only known survivors are the residents of twelve space stations in Earth's orbit prior to the war.

The space stations banded together to form a single massive station named "The Ark", wenis galore about 2,400 people live.

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If you have tried solving this puzzle, you can confirm that your first attempts usually involve sketching lines inside the imaginary square.

Watch: 46-year-old can of soup shows up at Food Bank (Buzz60) Roger Grosvenor, joint chief executive of East of England Co-op, said customers appreciated the opportunity to save money.

He told The Grocer magazine that items were flying off the shelves within an hour of them being reduced during the scheme's trial period."This is not a money-making exercise, but a sensible move to reduce food waste and keep edible food in the food chain," Mr Grosvenor added."By selling perfectly edible food we can save 50,000 plus items every year that would otherwise have gone to waste."The vast majority of customers understand they are fine to eat." In addition, budget supermarket Aldi has urged charities and other local organisations to get in touch because it wants to give away its leftover food - an estimated 20 to 30 crates - from each of its stores from 4pm on Christmas Eve.

During our trial we found our 10p items went within hours of being reduced, sometimes quicker.

The vast majority of our customers understand they are fine to eat and appreciate the opportunity to make a significant saving.”The majority of products that currently use best-before dates will be included, say the retailer, such as tinned goods, packets and dried food, with it estimating the initiative will save two tonnes of food from being wasted from its stores every year.

The move forms part of the chain's The Co-op Guide to Dating, and runs with the slogan: "Don't be a binner. " Best before dates are about quality - not safety - and food is safe to eat after this date but may be past its prime, according to the Food Standards Agency.